Our Trip to Russia

Now, that I am officially German, a trip to my motherland requires much more effort than it did before. Since I had to give my Russian citizenship in favor of the German one, I need a visa to go visit my family back in Russia. In fact, all three of us need visas.

We booked the tickets with Pegasus Airlines. The flights to Russia went well. However, we were stranded in Russia because the company failed to provide their flying crews with Russian visas. All flights operated by Pegasus were canceled until January, 14. To crown this all, Pegasus failed to inform us about this state of things. My mother’s friend read this piece of news online (on the Russian news platform) and warned us. The representatives of Pegasus Airlines in Russia ignored our phone calls by not picking up the phone, though I kept on calling them for 12 hours. A Pegasus official on the German hotline suggested we should wait until January, 14 (our visas were due on January, 8) or book the flights with another company. Like that! “If you don’t want to fly on January, 14, it’s no longer our problem.” Thus, we booked the tickets with Austrian, who brought us home safe and sound. A great “thank you!” to Austrian!

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