Contraste Horizon DIOR

I’ve been actively using this one for almost a month now and must admit that it’s great! Thanks to Sunny for the tip!


When I first saw it, I thought that only the deep green-ish blue shade was worth considering. Next day I came back and swatched all of them: all shades appeared to have a great color payoff, at least, on my hand. I swatched them on my eyes and was really surprised to find out that this particular palette did not even need layering! I can speak for my skin only, but all shades seem to look as vibrant on the eyelids as they do in the pans. All shades except for the white one, which is mat, have satiny texture.


The white eyeshadow has a very light blue shimmer, nevertheless it doesn’t give an effect of zombie-like eyes. The golden shade is such an exquisite mixture of the warm sand-colored satiny base with golden and rosy shimmer. That shimmer is also observed in the warm chocolate-brown shade. The light green-grey eyeshadow sparkles with emerald green and rosy shimmer, while the deep greenish-blue offers even more of those emerald sparkles mixed with rosy ones. The “sparkliness” of the whole look depends on the lighting: while it looks pretty natural with the natural light, the sparkles really come out in the artificial light.


Look #1

Here I used only the white (inner corner, under the brow bone), golden and brown shades. I used my favorite brown Artdeco liner and a brown YSL Baby doll mascara to complete the look.


Look #2

The white was applied in the inner corners and under the brow bone. I used the light green-grey on the whole eyelid and applied the deep emerald shade over the upper lash line. The chocolate-brown was applied along the lower lash line.


Look #3

A combined look with the golden shade on the whole eyelid and with the white in the inner corners and under the brows. I used the chocolate shade in the crease and the emerald shade as a liner. The light green-grey is applied along the lower lash line.


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