PhD Survivor

January was probably the most important month in my professional life. This is when I defended my PhD thesis. Needless to say, I was extremely stressed out before the exam and became a nervous wreck (as the German say “ein Häufchen Elend”) by the end of it. I had imagined that I’d get the questions that had been raised in the reviews, but they turned out to be something else entirely. Nevertheless, I got a “magna” and I am really happy to open a new page titled Doctor. I am grateful to my supervisors Prof. MD Carsten Eulitz and Prof. Dr. Aditi Lahiri for giving me this opportunity and for their help and support!



My family and friends helped me organize a post-defense reception, where we could celebrate this wonderful day. Thank you, guys!!! Thanks for being there for me, for being my rock, for tolerating my mood swings, and for not telling me “you should be writing” 🙂



IMG_2669  IMG_2672


BTW, the defense days are also great because the defender gets to receive presents!

IMG_2675 IMG_2679

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