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A Great Year, It’s Been

A year ago, I started working at Heinrich-Heine University. On my way to the HR, I remember being very anxious, as it was the first time in almost 10 years that I changed my work place. “What is it going to be like? Will my family be able to handle it? Am I the right person for this job? What are the people that I’ll work with like? Am I going to be happy here?”

It turned out, it was a great decision to apply for this job (thank you, Maria, for forwarding the job posting to me!). Not only do I enjoy the work as it is, I also enjoy working with these incredibly nice and intelligent people. Now, with the first paper and the first conference with new data underway, I think I’m getting there.

And, yeah, I totally should be writing (c) 🙂

PhD Survivor

January was probably the most important month in my professional life. This is when I defended my PhD thesis. Needless to say, I was extremely stressed out before the exam and became a nervous wreck (as the German say “ein Häufchen Elend”) by the end of it. I had imagined that I’d get the questions that had been raised in the reviews, but they turned out to be something else entirely. Nevertheless, I got a “magna” and I am really happy to open a new page titled Doctor. I am grateful to my supervisors Prof. MD Carsten Eulitz and Prof. Dr. Aditi Lahiri for giving me this opportunity and for their help and support!


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