Flowy Silky Wool

I saw it, I touched it, and I knew it: I have to buy it! Though obsessed with it, I still had no idea what to make of it even a couple of years later. My gut told me to sew a dress over and over again. But my closet kept on reasoning with it in favor of a pair of trousers.  The neverending discussion was roughly interrupted by the common sense: Trousers? Too flowy! A jacket? Too soft and, again, too flowy! I guess, my common sense is to some degree related to my gut… Or on its payroll. So, the two tricksters left me no choice. And je ne regrette rien! The fabric loves my skin and my skin loves it back!


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Please, stay!

This summer wasn’t long at all. I mean, it lasted something like a week in April and a week in June. I got my summer fabrics out of the box and cut a couple of nice pieces but I just never got to wear them (see above for the reason 🙂 ).

Right now I am loving the Indian summer. It is extremely beautiful here with the mild weather and the trees all red, yellow and orange. I wish it could stay like this for the next six months. But we all know what happens next. Right, my dear Wellies? So it’s high time I put some of those light and bright clothes on!

Here they come:
Combi #1
A striped viscose top and a silk skirt (my husband calls it “Uzbek”).

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