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Technorama Winterthur

Who knew that science could be so much fun? Of course, I did! But a friend of mine told me that in Winterthur, Switzerland, you could touch the science. I mean actually touch it! The land of innovation found a great way to further the research interest und scientific talent of its young generation: they opened a Swiss Science Center Technorama. Here, the children can have a hands-on experience in biology, chemistry, physics; they can participate in various workshops, and watch shows about the earth, gas, and lightning.


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Our First Trip to America: Part 1

All of our trips to America were in connection with conferences that I was attending. The first trip to America was planned in the end of 2010, when I applied to attend two conferences: CUNY in Stanford in March and CNS in San Francisco in April. The conferences were a week apart, which gave us the opportunity to visit a couple of interesting places in California. And we went to Vegas!


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Our Trip to Russia

Now, that I am officially German, a trip to my motherland requires much more effort than it did before. Since I had to give my Russian citizenship in favor of the German one, I need a visa to go visit my family back in Russia. In fact, all three of us need visas.

We booked the tickets with Pegasus Airlines. The flights to Russia went well. However, we were stranded in Russia because the company failed to provide their flying crews with Russian visas. All flights operated by Pegasus were canceled until January, 14. To crown this all, Pegasus failed to inform us about this state of things. My mother’s friend read this piece of news online (on the Russian news platform) and warned us. The representatives of Pegasus Airlines in Russia ignored our phone calls by not picking up the phone, though I kept on calling them for 12 hours. A Pegasus official on the German hotline suggested we should wait until January, 14 (our visas were due on January, 8) or book the flights with another company. Like that! “If you don’t want to fly on January, 14, it’s no longer our problem.” Thus, we booked the tickets with Austrian, who brought us home safe and sound. A great “thank you!” to Austrian!

IMG_2391 IMG_2404

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My June

I know, it’s not over yet. Though I’ve got quite a lot to tell you and I’m afraid I won’t if don’t do it right away.

#1 The most important one

I did it! I submitted my doctoral thesis! It took me almost 5 years to run those 11 EEG experiments, to write them up, and in the meantime to have a child. This thesis is thus a summary of my recent professional life. It’s a  milestone and the end of an era. I am excited and, at the same time, scared like hell to move on.


This thesis was possible only because two wonderful people decided to put their trust in me. Dear Carsten Eulitz and Aditi Lahiri, you are the BEST scientific supervisors and mentors one could wish for! I am grateful for your time and advice. It’s been an honor to work with you! And we still have three papers to publish together 🙂

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