Please, stay!

This summer wasn’t long at all. I mean, it lasted something like a week in April and a week in June. I got my summer fabrics out of the box and cut a couple of nice pieces but I just never got to wear them (see above for the reason 🙂 ).

Right now I am loving the Indian summer. It is extremely beautiful here with the mild weather and the trees all red, yellow and orange. I wish it could stay like this for the next six months. But we all know what happens next. Right, my dear Wellies? So it’s high time I put some of those light and bright clothes on!

Here they come:
Combi #1
A striped viscose top and a silk skirt (my husband calls it “Uzbek”).


The fabric is wonderful! I guess, it could be sewn as double face but I prefer it this way.


Combi #2
A top made of Escada viscose and a skirt made of jersey with a sequin pattern

Both fabrics are gorgeous but the first one is a real darling for sewing, while the second…


Well, those sequins are (let’s be polite!) $%&* to sew!

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