Fancy a Crazy Cat Lady?

Oh, no! I don’t mean this one


And most certainly not Jocelyn Wildenstein!
I mean this one:


Because this one officially possesses hundrends of cats.



Seriously! Those cats caress the skin maybe not with their fur, but with that lovely vicose, for sure. And the black-and-white color scheme makes them easy to combine with less animalistic pieces.


The blouse cats by tally_zhiv, the pants by Faith Connexion (similar here), the jacket by Zara, the shoes by Alisha (similar here).

4 thoughts on “Fancy a Crazy Cat Lady?”

    1. Hahaha! I thought so! Hugs and kisses to your black-and-whitey 🙂 btw, I am now on Instagram. Feeling like a granny in front of a laptop…

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