My Take on the Sneakers

I tried to stay away from my blogs while finalizing my thesis. Guess what! It’s still far from being finalized.  (an exhausted smiley is banging HER head against the wall here) So, welcome me back among the non-scientific living! It’s Christmas, Baby!

Before I tell you the tales of my Journey to Frankfurt and my birthday, with the Christmas stories to follow, I’ll revisit the warm fall days. My  most favorite fall look always included a pair of sneakers. Not that I have never done it before, but this fall I was completely justified in my habit to pair sneakers and skirts.

The first combi consists of my 2014 favorite neopren skirt, a stepped top (both by tally_zhiv) and a pair of sketchers


The second combi consists of a silk dress by tally_zhiv, a jeans jacket and a pair of puma sneakers



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