My Wedding Dress

Long before SATC the movie II, we got married twice. Not like Pamela Anderson repeatedly married her husbands, but first, we got married at the city hall and second (two years later), in a church. I was rather a non-bridal bride back in 2008, wearing a black dress, which is why I decided to be a real bride the second time around and wear something gorgeous. We are talking about me, right? So, buying a dress never seemed to be an option. My mother insisted on having it sewn rather than sewing it myself. “It’s an omen,” she said “to sew your own wedding dress.” Well, I thought that I’d already been married for two years and went for creating it myself. And I was right!
After a couple of weeks brooding over the pattern I came upon this Carolina Herrera dress.


The whole crochet dress was a little bit too much for me, but a skirt having similar “scales” felt like a right and pretty extraordinary choice. I tried different patterns and materials and finally chose silk organza (6 meters), satin and organza ribbons (about one kilometer) and pearls (no idea, how many). First, I made several samples of a “scale” using simple stitching, embroidering, ribbon stitching. Then, out of several samples I chose the one that looked best and required the minimum of effort (relatively, of course). Finally, I made a sample of the skirt, cut it into “scales” and calculated the time it would take me to make them. Three months. Well, it took me four months to make them. And it was worth it! My husband loved my outfit and was telling EVERYBODY that I made it myself. I will stop talking about it right now. I’ll just show it.





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  1. Hello,

    I’m a friend of Masha Kharaman and she told me about your blog. I’ve recently started sewing (well about a year and a half ago) and I think your wedding dress is totally amazing. 🙂 Do you have sewing patterns on your blog?


    1. Hi Oksana,
      it’s really nice to read from you! Thank you for complimenting my wedding dress! I put a lot of time and effort into it and I am happy to read and hear that people like it.
      It’s great that you’ve started sewing. It is a very productive and useful hobby! I wish you a lot of fun with it! Don’t get disappointed if something goes wrong: it’s part of the creative process, everybody goes through this. Next time it will get better. It always does 😉
      As for the patterns, unfortunately, I don’t have any on this blog yet. But I promise to consider it for the future posts.

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