One Dress, Three Looks

Some people hate neon colors and in many cases they are right. When I first sewed this dress, my brother-in-law told me: “Change into something neutral, please, you make my eýes hurt.”
Impolite as it was, it was also to some extent reasonalbe: people should respect other people. Thus, I had to consider some outfits that could be wearable without the assistance of seeing aid .


I was not really worried about my co-workers, as the lab environment presupposes not the best mood. My colorful dress was thus a happy change and a “shot of sun”. Besides, scientists are pretty strange people (I guess, everybody is familiar with the Big Bang Theory). So, I was only worried about the rare casual occasions without the lab. Now, let’s have a look at the looks (:)) and decide whether they have a right for existence.

Look #1

The clubbing look or the entirely new take on matchy-matchy


Look #2

The elegant extravaganza

imageThe dress is combined with the top by tally_zhiv seen here.

Look #3

Let’s welcome the ’80

IMG_6728IMG_6757The pullover is also by tally_zhiv.

4 thoughts on “One Dress, Three Looks”

  1. Whoaaa you made this?! That’s amazing! Honestly it looks better than store-bought! The color is LITERALLY neon-bright, which is cool! Your brother-in-law is a bit of a meanie tho! Life is more than black and white so why should your wardrobe be?

    I love all three outfits you put together here. Wouldn’t have imagined just how versatile such a bright dress can be! I think I like the second look the most. It is super elegant!

    Also, about this scientist thing: I love The Big Bang Theory, but my husband (who is a scientist) does not :p

    1. Thank you, Sunny! It’s my favorite hobby 🙂
      I love colors. They are such a natural endorphin kick that is so welcome in everyday life.
      You will never believe it but the last outfit is SUCH a knockout for kids! It’s like they follow me literally everywhere and do whatever “Liam’s mommy” tells them to. If you want to impress some pre-school or kindergarten kids, go for something really bright 🙂
      Yeah, the scientists… The joke by Amy – “the Thrilla adjacent to the Amygdala” – killed me! I was LMAO for a minute and then realized everybody was watching me absolutely clueless. We neuros are weird folk 🙂

      1. Haha I find that toddlers like jewelry as well! As long as I have a necklace on or something, kids really look (although to be honest, I get stared at by kids a lot here, presumably because I look way different)!

        Also, LIAM! Love the name!

        I didn’t get that joke at all! There was this other joke I didn’t get (probably from season 1), something like spherical chicken in a vacuum. My husband really laughed out loud tho :p

        1. I guess they simply think “what a beautiful lady”. Kids and Babies love colors and contrasts. And you’ve got a wonderful contrast between the complexion and the hair color. 😉

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