#Two in One. A Top and a Dress

No-no, it’s not a converter! These are two entirely separate pieces!
A year ago a bought a piece of D&G fabric. It was a viscose(haha)-elastane blend that caught my eye with its Acropolis pattern. I decided to buy it for a tunic or a top. The fabric consisted of rapports of about one meter in the length, each of which was also subdivided into two patterns of 70 cm in the width.
I sewed a really nice top that is never going to retire. EVER. I love it! It’s really wearable and can be dressed up and down according to different occasions.

Having cut the fabric, I realized that I had a lot of rest pieces. Turning them up and down, I came up with the idea to sew a dress that would feature the fabric in question only in the front part, the back of the dress being made of purple satiny cotton. For the dress I used the slightly altered vogue wardrobe pattern again.
What do you think about these “antique” twins?

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