The University Ball

Every fall the University of Konstanz organizes a ball. The majority of the attendees are affiliated to the university but the number of those not affiliated to it grows every year. The best part of the ball, apart from great catering and music, is surely the evening attire that can (at last!) be taken out to “see-and-be-seen”.


Me and my husband have been there twice and this year we are planning on going there again. The first time was, of course, very thrilling, because we just were not sure what to expect. The town is pretty casual, so I could hardly imagine that people, who come to work by bike every day, would put on an evening gown. Nevertheless, I decided to sew a long dress, not too chic but also not casual or bohemian. Our son was almost one year old, and I was still not exactly in form to wear cuts and décolleté, so the dress covered nearly everything. But the back was ALL lace. I don’t have a picture from that ball but I’ve got one from Vegas in the same dress.

To my surprise, everybody looked extremely chic and elegant. Of course, there were those who didn’t understand the difference between a cocktail dress and an evening gown… Or they just didn’t care. The evening was so great that we decided to come back the following year.
Last year I decided to be the extravagant me and to do what I do best: combine simple with intricate. Besides I just had to get rid of the leftovers from my fairy-tale dress and my bridal gown. So, within two days I had a dress with a very simple cut but with very intricate embroidery. Again, I don’t have a picture from the ball, nor do I have a picture in this dress. So, you will have to see it on the mannequin (until I have my hair done 🙂 ).



I have got no idea, what I will be wearing this year. But there is still time…

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