The Fairy-Tale Dress

Everybody has to have a hobby or else this energy could become really destructive. I have got quite a lot of energy that I have to use peacefully. Considering the effect that a slow mechanical work produces onto the nervous system, such an amount of energy is just screaming for something productive. That is exactly why my favorite hobby is sewing: with a little bit of time and effort you can create a piece that no one has but everybody wants.
I started out as a very primitive skirt-seamstress but in a couple of years I grew into a pretty good tailor. Nevertheless, my projects never lasted longer than a week, depending on the complexity of the cut and the character of the fabric (Oh, yes, they DO have characters and sometimes very mean!). My first long-term project though was my very first combination of sewing and stitching/ embellishing. It took me 1.5 months (!) to complete it but I still love it even almost 4 years later.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet my favorite dress:


New Year 2011
New Year 2011

I know, it’s not haute couture, but the embellishing is still very intricate. Just have a look:


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