I sold my own creation!

A couple of years ago, I went to my favorite fabric store and bought a piece of wonderful silk organza. As it was directly after the birth of my son, I decided to sew a dress for the “after I’ve lost a lot of weight” time. So I cut a really nice dress in vintage style. I did sew a beautiful dress and I did lose some weight but not a lot. The dress wouldn’t fit… I decided to be patient and to hide the dress in the closet until “after I’ve lost a lot of weight”.

A colleague of mine and her children came to our place for a play date. She asked me to show her my creations, so I did. When it was THE dress’s turn, she was all over it, as it was exactly the style she loves. After some painful consideration I decided to offer her to buy it, if she really liked the piece. She accepted my offer right away, and a couple of days later a received a message from her. There were pictures of her wearing the dress and a note: “For the advertisement in your blog. By the way, you can put me on the list for a skirt and a blouse from your new collection.”

So, here comes the ad and I’m gone to consider creating a collection – I do have a customer now.

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