#Two in one. Collistar: Transparency multi blusher

Sometimes I come across things that are too good and handy to be used in only one way. I mean, if I love a sewing pattern for a blouse I usually adapt it to a dress. If I love a color of a blush I can use it as an eyeshadow, etc. After having a look at my wardrobe and my makeup stash, I decided to start a new rubric “#Two in one”.

We shall start with a new blush by Collistar from their Summer 2015 collection. This brand appeared in Karstadt a couple of years ago but, being a loyal Dior and YSL customer, I somehow never paid attention to Collistar. Several weeks ago I was desperately looking for a substitute for my favorite peachy eyeshadow by Clinique that I bought 6 years ago and that was nowhere to be found any longer. My desperation led me to the not so new stand by Collistar where I saw this interesting thingy:


Bingo! The central color – fair rosy peach – was exactly what I was looking for, the other two – the highlighter with rosy shimmer and the rosy coral – being a very pleasant surprise.


The texture is very soft and satiny with a great color payoff. I failed in trying to photograph the swatches on my hand: The highlighter has exactly the same color as my skin, so the camera wouldn’t focus. Nevertheless, I have great swatches of these colors on my cheeks and eyelids. Have a look:

IMG_6552IMG_6551IMG_6556I used the highlighter in the inner corners and under the eye brow, the peachy color in the middle and the rosy coral in the crease and in the outer corner.

How do you like the look? And what do you think about the new rubric?


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