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Pink Mood

I suddenly realized that I haven’t written ANYTHING here in quite a time! The last post farewell concert thus actually looked like an actual farewell. I’m here guys! Still alive and kicking 🙂 And to show off my lively kickingness I’ll even show you my groomed visage. In all Lanister pink colors. These two guys will star in this blog post (apart from your lovely hostess, of course :)).

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YSL Full Metal Shadow #06 and Lancome Shine Lover #136

Summer is inevitable. Right? I am not giving up hope! Trying to enchant it, I resort to color abundance in my make up and clothes. The clothing-enchantment part was already featured here and here. Today I follow my previous summer-like beauty post with a new line of eyeshadows by YSL and another Shine Lover by Lancome.

YSL Full Metal Shadow #06 – Pink Cascade is a beige shade with pink shimmer. Although this line of eyeshadows was described as metallic, the one presented here can only demonstrate some frosty shimmer. I have to admit that this “failed promise” turned out to be quite a merit of this line: they are wearable on every occasion.

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#Two in one. Collistar: Transparency multi blusher

Sometimes I come across things that are too good and handy to be used in only one way. I mean, if I love a sewing pattern for a blouse I usually adapt it to a dress. If I love a color of a blush I can use it as an eyeshadow, etc. After having a look at my wardrobe and my makeup stash, I decided to start a new rubric “#Two in one”.

We shall start with a new blush by Collistar from their Summer 2015 collection. This brand appeared in Karstadt a couple of years ago but, being a loyal Dior and YSL customer, I somehow never paid attention to Collistar. Several weeks ago I was desperately looking for a substitute for my favorite peachy eyeshadow by Clinique that I bought 6 years ago and that was nowhere to be found any longer. My desperation led me to the not so new stand by Collistar where I saw this interesting thingy:

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DIOR Coral Sunset and Lancome Shine Lover

Have you seen these beauties? They look so good that it literally hurts to do something as barbaric as scratching their surface with a brush. Thank God, I have a pretty high pain threshold!:)

I’ve been waiting for the DIOR blush since the Tie Dye collection was announced. And I was rewarded for my patience and loyalty to the brand with a great product. The packaging is somewhat bulky because of the kabuki brush.

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My Spring 2015 Make Up Favorites: Part 1

It is important for almost everyone to receive feedback about his/her work or product. The limited collections being one of a kind also deserve a word of praise or of disapproval. I decided to start a series of my “limited” favorites. Having already reviewed my everyday go-to DIOR palette, I will show you my favorite glam palette today.

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