Cloqué, please!

Have you ever heard about fabrics for dresses that are soft but still voluminous? And I don’t mean taffeta-like volume, but rather “I cut you this way because I also want you to fit this way” volume.


I learnt this kind of fabric a year ago and since that time I’ve sewn three dresses and a skirt. The fabric is called “cloque”, and the name comes from the very specialty of this fabric, viz. the pattern on the right side is formed by the threads on the left side. Let’s put it this way: the pattern is pulled together on a thread. Complicated? Wait for the actual cutting procedure for it! Not to lose the pattern and the measurements, I had to cut it with the overlock machine (if you know a better way, I am all ears!). Despite the trouble with cutting and sewing, the fabric is really worth it! It perfectly adopts the lines of your body, ensuring the impeccable fit.
Today, I will show you the first dress, made of Escada cloque. I still haven’t had a chance to go out in it but the time will surely come…

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