Spiritless Writing

The scientist in me went into seclusion to finish the doctoral thesis and promised to kill everybody who interferes with it. So the artsy guy in me has a free hand until the end of October. So, from now on (until the end of October) you will have to read about completely spiritless things like my dresses, skirts and make up. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not sewing them right now – I am virtually writing non-stop – I’ve sewn A LOT over the years. So, guys, get some popcorn and coke. It’ll take a lot of time.


Let’s start! Five years ago, I came across wonderful silk duchess that was on sale. Of course, I did not miss the opportunity to forage three different colors (black, pearl-grey, and coral), 2 meters each. The grey piece was processed in no time (I’ll show the results later), the black is still waiting to become anything at last, and the coral got the new life this winter. I sew a dress. And I wore it last week for the first time.
Our town is all T-shirty-and-jeany, so that my coral dress attracted quite an attention.

By the way, I am wearing Zara heels and a Coccinelle bag.

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