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Outfit for a Classical Music Night

Last Friday we went to a philharmonic concert. I promise to review that later but today I will tell you about my outfit for the concert.

It is important to assess the audience beforehand as you don’t want to find yourselves completely overdressed in a crowd of pretty casual people. This is exactly what awaits you here. Nevertheless, you still want to have that flare of going out. A cocktail dress being out of question, I decided to go for some fresh colors and pulled my favorite pair of Joop! pants out of the closet. What followed felt like a brainstorm.


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#Two in one. Collistar: Transparency multi blusher

Sometimes I come across things that are too good and handy to be used in only one way. I mean, if I love a sewing pattern for a blouse I usually adapt it to a dress. If I love a color of a blush I can use it as an eyeshadow, etc. After having a look at my wardrobe and my makeup stash, I decided to start a new rubric “#Two in one”.

We shall start with a new blush by Collistar from their Summer 2015 collection. This brand appeared in Karstadt a couple of years ago but, being a loyal Dior and YSL customer, I somehow never paid attention to Collistar. Several weeks ago I was desperately looking for a substitute for my favorite peachy eyeshadow by Clinique that I bought 6 years ago and that was nowhere to be found any longer. My desperation led me to the not so new stand by Collistar where I saw this interesting thingy:

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DIOR Coral Sunset and Lancome Shine Lover

Have you seen these beauties? They look so good that it literally hurts to do something as barbaric as scratching their surface with a brush. Thank God, I have a pretty high pain threshold!:)

I’ve been waiting for the DIOR blush since the Tie Dye collection was announced. And I was rewarded for my patience and loyalty to the brand with a great product. The packaging is somewhat bulky because of the kabuki brush.

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Winter Is Coming Tonight but the Spring Is Already Here

Happy Easter to all those orthodox christians among us! Христос воскрес!

To those pagans and phantasy-lovers, happy 5th Game of Thrones season! I am celebrating both today after a very relaxing and sunny day here on the lake of Constance. Though the spring seemed to be role-playing Simon’s cat wishing to get into the house (a desperate metaphor for all cat owners), it’s now finally here.

Enjoy these warm pics.

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My Spring 2015 Make Up Favorites: Part 1

It is important for almost everyone to receive feedback about his/her work or product. The limited collections being one of a kind also deserve a word of praise or of disapproval. I decided to start a series of my “limited” favorites. Having already reviewed my everyday go-to DIOR palette, I will show you my favorite glam palette today.

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DIOR Kingdom of Colours Nr.001

Several weeks ago Sunny posted a very interesting review of the palette DIOR Kingdom of Colours Nr.001. The majority of the commenting people were puzzled about the purpose of this palette. Some of them said that it was ridiculous to mix different textures in the same box, the others complained about the size of the powder/blush/highlighter/etc. Guys, I mean, really, who buys SUCH an expensive palette because of the powder? It’s definitely not a traveler’s kit, but rather a luxurious thingy that you’d like to add to your collection.
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My Wedding Dress

Long before SATC the movie II, we got married twice. Not like Pamela Anderson repeatedly married her husbands, but first, we got married at the city hall and second (two years later), in a church. I was rather a non-bridal bride back in 2008, wearing a black dress, which is why I decided to be a real bride the second time around and wear something gorgeous. We are talking about me, right? So, buying a dress never seemed to be an option. My mother insisted on having it sewn rather than sewing it myself. “It’s an omen,” she said “to sew your own wedding dress.” Well, I thought that I’d already been married for two years and went for creating it myself. And I was right!
After a couple of weeks brooding over the pattern I came upon this Carolina Herrera dress.


The whole crochet dress was a little bit too much for me, but a skirt having similar “scales” felt like a right and pretty extraordinary choice. I tried different patterns and materials and finally chose silk organza (6 meters), satin and organza ribbons (about one kilometer) and pearls (no idea, how many). First, I made several samples of a “scale” using simple stitching, embroidering, ribbon stitching. Then, out of several samples I chose the one that looked best and required the minimum of effort (relatively, of course). Finally, I made a sample of the skirt, cut it into “scales” and calculated the time it would take me to make them. Three months. Well, it took me four months to make them. And it was worth it! My husband loved my outfit and was telling EVERYBODY that I made it myself. I will stop talking about it right now. I’ll just show it.
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