My Spring 2015 Make Up Favorites: Part 1

It is important for almost everyone to receive feedback about his/her work or product. The limited collections being one of a kind also deserve a word of praise or of disapproval. I decided to start a series of my “limited” favorites. Having already reviewed my everyday go-to DIOR palette, I will show you my favorite glam palette today.

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My Wedding Dress

Long before SATC the movie II, we got married twice. Not like Pamela Anderson repeatedly married her husbands, but first, we got married at the city hall and second (two years later), in a church. I was rather a non-bridal bride back in 2008, wearing a black dress, which is why I decided to be a real bride the second time around and wear something gorgeous. We are talking about me, right? So, buying a dress never seemed to be an option. My mother insisted on having it sewn rather than sewing it myself. “It’s an omen,” she said “to sew your own wedding dress.” Well, I thought that I’d already been married for two years and went for creating it myself. And I was right!
After a couple of weeks brooding over the pattern I came upon this Carolina Herrera dress.


The whole crochet dress was a little bit too much for me, but a skirt having similar “scales” felt like a right and pretty extraordinary choice. I tried different patterns and materials and finally chose silk organza (6 meters), satin and organza ribbons (about one kilometer) and pearls (no idea, how many). First, I made several samples of a “scale” using simple stitching, embroidering, ribbon stitching. Then, out of several samples I chose the one that looked best and required the minimum of effort (relatively, of course). Finally, I made a sample of the skirt, cut it into “scales” and calculated the time it would take me to make them. Three months. Well, it took me four months to make them. And it was worth it! My husband loved my outfit and was telling EVERYBODY that I made it myself. I will stop talking about it right now. I’ll just show it.
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Two in one. Oh, sorry, three!

I bought some nice mint-colored piqué fabric for a jacket. Two years passed and was still no nice mint-colored piqué jacket in my closet, and there was a trip dawning on me… I improvised and cut a coat. And for the sake of parsominy (of my effort, of course!), I decided to use the same pattern for two more coats. Well, with some alternations, for sure. The sandwich child was already featured in this blog , while the rest is quite a novelty. The mint-colored one is a darling! I love it so much that I am not sure if it survives a year. Ok, it has better survival chances that the skirt, yet I am doing my best to even those up.

By the way, as I bought this fabric for a jacket, it was also enough for a jacket. I improvised again! Now you see a nice mint-colored piqué coat with mint-colored water-proof sleeves and facing.

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My Take on the Sneakers

I tried to stay away from my blogs while finalizing my thesis. Guess what! It’s still far from being finalized.  (an exhausted smiley is banging HER head against the wall here) So, welcome me back among the non-scientific living! It’s Christmas, Baby!

Before I tell you the tales of my Journey to Frankfurt and my birthday, with the Christmas stories to follow, I’ll revisit the warm fall days. My  most favorite fall look always included a pair of sneakers. Not that I have never done it before, but this fall I was completely justified in my habit to pair sneakers and skirts.

The first combi consists of my 2014 favorite neopren skirt, a stepped top (both by tally_zhiv) and a pair of sketchers

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Flowy Silky Wool

I saw it, I touched it, and I knew it: I have to buy it! Though obsessed with it, I still had no idea what to make of it even a couple of years later. My gut told me to sew a dress over and over again. But my closet kept on reasoning with it in favor of a pair of trousers.  The neverending discussion was roughly interrupted by the common sense: Trousers? Too flowy! A jacket? Too soft and, again, too flowy! I guess, my common sense is to some degree related to my gut… Or on its payroll. So, the two tricksters left me no choice. And je ne regrette rien! The fabric loves my skin and my skin loves it back!


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Please, stay!

This summer wasn’t long at all. I mean, it lasted something like a week in April and a week in June. I got my summer fabrics out of the box and cut a couple of nice pieces but I just never got to wear them (see above for the reason 🙂 ).

Right now I am loving the Indian summer. It is extremely beautiful here with the mild weather and the trees all red, yellow and orange. I wish it could stay like this for the next six months. But we all know what happens next. Right, my dear Wellies? So it’s high time I put some of those light and bright clothes on!

Here they come:
Combi #1
A striped viscose top and a silk skirt (my husband calls it “Uzbek”).

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